Trevor Legwinski

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Trevor is a creative and strategic thinker with more than ten years in the retail industry, working for Cambria Cove, Strands, and in-store operations for Abercrombie & Fitch.  In this time he has also managed ecommerce and marketing for Hallmark, CycleGear and Bambeco. Trevor has deep expertise in what it takes for retailers to succeed in online commerce as well as brand, product and offline marketing. Trevor holds a Bachelors degree in Marketing from St. Norbert College and an MBA in Marketing from Oregon State University.

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7 Ways to Avoid “No Results” Pages in Ecommerce Site Search

| Trevor Legwinski

Online shoppers who can easily find what they want tend to spend more money. According to a recent WebLinc study, nearly 30% of online shoppers start each visit with a site search. If they can’t find what they’re looking, for they’ll leave the site. Here are 7 ways to avoid “No Results” pages in ecommerce site search.