Will Blesener

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Will Blesener is the Vice President of Retail Media at Advantage Unified Commerce. Willy has led execution and strategy across retail media for the last 7 years, building out unique solutions across each customer network as they’ve come to fruition. While retail media is in a constant state of evolution, Willy spends most of his time trying to catch his breath between new RMNs entering the market and old ones announcing changes to maintain the status quo.

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Search Isn’t Sexy, But It Sells

| Will Blesener

Are there any instances where it’s not advisable to spend in search? Sure, if you’re a brand-new product with no organic ranking, and it’s going to cost you $10 per click to get to the first page of the keyword to sell a $4 product, you might be better off moving those dollars elsewhere. But spend wisely and don’t go entirely dark.