Zach Thomann

Zach Thomann, Executive Vice President and PFS General Manager, is responsible for the direction and management of all PFS activities, including fulfillment and distribution operations, client financial services, contact center and omnichannel operations on behalf of its clients. Working with his leadership team across those areas, Zach leads efforts to identify new revenue opportunities while maintaining an efficient and profitable operation for PFS clients.

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A Peek into 2020 Peak: Fulfilling the Promise of Omnichannel

| Zach Thomann

Coming after a year of economic contraction and retail disruption, the 2020 peak holiday season threatened to be brutal on retailers. While some retailers had exceptional results, operational challenges limited opportunities. See what a recent study revealed about the impact of pre-peak investments on reducing capability gaps.

Omnichannel operations are the future of brick-and-mortar and DTC retail.

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Ditch the Department Store: How DTC Brands Are Taking Back Control

| Zach Thomann

The one thing brands can control is their online sales channel. From checkout to last mile delivery, DTC brands can ensure a seamless ecommerce experience. With the majority of Q4 and holiday shopping expected to shift online, brands must have their entire ecommerce channel prepared for an optimal customer experience.

What COVID-19 Has Taught Us About U.S. Ecommerce Spending

| Zach Thomann

Although some shoppers are looking forward to returning to stores, others will be more inclined to continue to shop from the safety of their home. The shift to ecommerce caused by COVID-19 will linger well after social distancing policies are lifted. But behavior varies from shopper to shopper and between categories.

Popup Fulfillment Centers Overcome Last Mile Obstacles During COVID-19

| Zach Thomann

Supply chain issues related to COVID-19 are causing lots of problems for retailers who are still tasked with fulfilling orders on a timely basis. This means looking into nontraditional fulfillment methods that provide flexible and cost-effective solutions. Popup fulfillment centers are one viable solution to address these challenges.