7 Ways Video Can Benefit Online Shopping

Video has become the driving force in marketing and ecommerce alike, signaling the need for modern businesses to get on board.

Beyond the fact that today’s customers are consuming more video than ever, the recent rise of product video has made it crystal clear to marketers that visual content is integral when it comes to sealing the deal with online shoppers.

Bear in mind that video marketing is about much more than just YouTube; likewise, video isn’t solely meant for enterprise companies with massive budgets. Any marketer in any industry, regardless of scope and size, can leverage video to sell their products.

From showing off your products in action to establishing trust with skeptical buyers, consider the following seven ways that video can both streamline and enhance the online shopping experience for your prospects.

Convert More Customers Through Video-Centric Landing Pages

While there are numerous elements that go into any given landing page, video has proven itself instrumental in improving conversion rates by up to 80%. Similarly, video content is easy to digest and encourages visitors to stick around the page versus immediately bouncing. Whether a landing page video serves as an FAQ or example of your product’s features, video content provides a quick and easy way to feed your prospects with information above the fold.

That being said, it’s crucial that marketers test elements of their videos to provide the best possible experience for viewers. Experimenting with shorter versus longer videos or auto-playing versus click-to-play, for example, may yield better results in encouraging prospects to engage with your CTA.

Use Product Demonstrations to Show What You Have to Offer


Oftentimes, video content serves as a much more accessible marketing medium versus traditional written content such as blog posts. Considering that consumers are four times as likely to engage with a video about a product versus having to read about that same product, marketers who fail to show off their products via video are likely leaving money on the table.

In short, products seem much more tangible and enticing when your prospects actually get to see them in action versus simply reading about them.

Social Proof Through Video Reviews

Perhaps the best videos for your products aren’t always the ones you create yourself.

Encouraging user-generated content in the form of video reviews provides prospects with a sense of social proof. Likewise, user-generated videos has been noted to increase brand engagement by over 28%.

Positioning Your Products with Video Testimonials