Golfweek Debuts Complete Overhaul of Ecommerce Site

Golfweek announced the completion of a major digital rollout, which is highlighted by a new website, e-commerce channel, tournament dailies, bonus issues and strategic partnerships.

This multi-faceted digital initiative is a key component of the brand’s overarching strategy that centers on delivering its audiences a seamless integration of award-winning content, instant access and dynamic cross-platform offerings.

Acting as the cornerstone of the rollout, Golfweek’s revamped online portfolio – which now encompasses the redesigned website as well as a brand-new e-commerce venture – leverages Golfweek’s around-the-clock coverage and unrivaled reputation to better serve serious golfers and golf fanatics. The new, created in collaboration with third-party design/development firm Born & Raised, places the user experience at the forefront and keeps readers in touch with the game 24/7 through a bevy of new features, including: a new Quick Shots section; better photo/video integration into articles; a fully responsive design; and a simplified navigation bar. Complementing the new site is the highly anticipated Golfweek Store – a unique retail marketplace offering a handpicked selection of high-end products that enrich the serious golfer lifestyle.

“Our goal is to deliver the best of golf to as many readers and fans as possible,” said Golfweek Group Publisher Alex Miceli. “That means staying on the pulse of how people are consuming content, and that’s why the focus of this initiative was to strengthen our presence and scope of offerings across a wide range of diverse digital avenues.”

Remaining steadfast that its content be the focal point of the media brand’s new digital era, Golfweek’s magazine arm is expanding its reach further by supplementing its print product with bonus digital-only issues to ensure its subscribers receive comprehensive coverage each and every week of the year. These digital editions will be delivered to readers on those Monday mornings of non-print weeks and include headlines, scores, special features and more.

Keeping in line with this content-driven directive, the brand is ramping up its coverage around the biggest events of the year by publishing a dedicated collection of daily e-magazines for golf’s PGA and LPGA majors as well as the Olympics and the Ryder Cup. These issues – sent to readers each day of the tournament week – will include preview coverage, course overviews, daily standings and more for each of the events. Additionally, Golfweek has also decided to enhance its popular equipment-focused TBX (Toy Box Extra) e-magazine into an easier-to-read format in order to provide optimized viewing across a multitude of digital devices.

Lastly, Golfweek has partnered with PGA Tour-affiliated companies EZLinks Golf LLC and to deliver the digital magazines and tournament dailies to an additional 750,000 readers. The strategic collaboration also includes advertising programs and co-op promotional efforts that will diversify distribution platforms and maximize exposure for each brand.

“Our marketing and advertising relationships are an essential element in the mix as well,” said Miceli. “Thinking beyond the user experience, we kept our partners in mind every step of the way and have created new, exciting opportunities for them to showcase their brands.”

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