PetSmart Leverages Omnichannel Capabilities With Demandware

Demandware, a Salesforce company and provider of enterprise cloud commerce solutions, announced that PetSmart, Inc., the largest specialty pet retailer in North America dedicated to solutions and services for the lifetime needs of pets, has selected Demandware for its next-generation commerce platform. PetSmart will leverage the Demandware platform to grow its long-term omnichannel capabilities to allow customers to shop and engage how, when and where they wish.

Based in Phoenix, Ariz., PetSmart believes “pets make us better people” and has more than 53,000 associates and more than 1,450 pet stores in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. The company’s mission:  “every day with every connection, PetSmart and its passionate associates help bring pet parents closer to their pets so they can live more fulfilled lives.”

“The term ‘every connection’ in our mission really matters to us, and Demandware is providing the enabling technology to allow pet parents to shop and engage with us how, when and where they desire,”  said Mike Goodwin, senior vice president and chief information officer, PetSmart. “We selected Demandware because of its leadership in the ecommerce space and the firm’s demonstrated commitment to evolving its products in ways that align with PetSmart’s long-term strategy to expand our ecommerce capabilities and omnichannel shopping and engagement experiences for pet parents everywhere.”

The Demandware Commerce Cloud streamlines retail operations from customer attraction to conversion.  The unified platform maximizes agility and innovation across all sales and engagement channels, enabling retailers to keep up with continually evolving consumer expectations and to deliver seamless shopping and brand experiences to PetSmart customers.  Scalable, reliable and secure, the Demandware Commerce Cloud provides a full range of capabilities that leverage a shared view of key retail data such as customers, orders, products and prices, and is powered by a unified promotion and personalization engine.

“The Demandware Commerce Cloud provides retailers with an agile and scalable platform to support rapid company growth, expanding product lines, and new shopping and engagement capabilities across the enterprise,” said Jeffrey Barnett, executive vice president and chief operating officer at Demandware, a Salesforce company. “We are thrilled that PetSmart has selected Demandware. As an omnichannel retailer with a growing brick and mortar network, PetSmart is realizing the advantages of partnering with Demandware to drive superior online and mobile customer experiences.”

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