The Role of Mobile in Multichannel Marketing Today

Multichannel marketers must improve response rates in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. New technology is of course key to making this happen.

Marketing with text, images, audio and video via mobile devices is a great leap towards one to one communication. But mobile can’t just be another way to deliver vanilla e-mail messages. Offers must be time sensitive and relevant. After all, why would someone need an interruption on their PDA that isn’t pressing or exciting?

Being aware of the audience you are targeting is crucial. Persona marketing can offer insights on who would best be targeted via mobile marketing. You must look at data hygiene, analytics, deployment and tracking to expand beyond your normal contact strategies and be effective.

Newcomers to the mobile space will go through the same period of trial and error everyone did when they first started e-mail marketing and e-commerce a decade ago. But changes in thinking and operating will give marketers more ways to interact with customers and prospects.

Justin Jackson ( is an account executive with Donnelley Marketing.