The Wonders of WordPress as a CMS

There are several content management systems to use for a microsite, but the WordPress platform is easy to use and offers several advantages. Here are just a few:

TAG CLOUDS — which provide keyword-rich text link navigation, which links to…

TAG PAGES — which contain excerpts of posts/pages that are related (by the fact that they have the same tag in common)

RSS FEEDS — which help with link building and garner you visibility in the feed/blog search engines like Google Blog Search

KEYWORD-RICH, SEARCH-FRIENDLY URLS — that are spider-friendly and tend to be indexed and ranked better in search engines than the long, complex, dynamic URLs that are typical of content management systems

CONTENT-RICH, SEARCH-FRIENDLY HTML — thanks in part to the presentation layer being cleanly separated from the content layer, along with semantic mark-up, which gives the search engines good clues as to what copy is important and what is not

VISITOR PARTICIPATION — through comments, trackbacks and pingbacks

POST-DATING OF CONTENT — to automatically “go live” on a scheduled date

EASE OF MAINTENANCE — with no, or minimal, HTML skills required

EASY HANDLING OF “ROLLING EVENTS” — like product launches, media appearances, news releases, etc.

FREE SUPPORT — from the very responsive developer and user communities

EXTENSIBILITY — through plugins and sidebar widgets, and even through direct hacks to the open source PHP codebase. But I don’t recommend the latter, as it makes for a lot of extra work when you upgrade WordPress to the latest version.