Email Marketing Through the Eyes of AI

Email marketing is one of the most fruitful techniques, and it’s not unheard of for email marketing platforms to take full advantage of automation tools and AI technology. It’s a foolproof way to analyze data and create a strategy that will help you reach the ROI of your dreams.

AI technology can work wonders for your email marketing campaigns, provided you know how it can help you and enhance your brand’s marketing strategies.

Time Is Your Friend

We’ve all read through articles promising to educate us on the hows and whys of an email campaign. However, this does not mean there is a “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to nailing the best time to send an email. Here’s where AI comes into play.

Take a look at your data and use AI to analyze them. Your past email marketing campaign data can help you figure out the best timing, according to your existing customers.

Typically, you can have three stages to your email marketing campaign – or three different types of campaigns that lead to a result, if you will:

  • A campaign, where you can make product recommendations to your prospects in the form of wish lists and guides.
  • The “last-minute deals” campaign, where you can utilize FOMO and point out that an offer is about to expire.
  • The post-purchase campaign, that includes thank-you emails, offers, and further discounts.

But, again, this is typically. AI can help you create an email marketing campaign strategy tailor-made for your brand’s needs. Perhaps your audience wouldn’t care much for a post-purchase email. Or maybe a fraction of your audience doesn’t open emails before 2 p.m. on a Monday.

AI will help you see the above quirks in the form of data, helping you make informed decisions.

Personalization Is Everything

Personalization is essential for all email marketing campaigns, as it can skyrocket your CTR, your open rate, and any metric that matters.

Generic email marketing messages are far more likely to be ignored or discarded. In fact, personalized emails have a click-through rate that can reach an astounding 139% increase, according to Experian. This means that no personalization is like leaving money on the table.

Digging into your past campaigns and using predictive analytics, allowing AI to create the smallest segments possible, and investing in machine learning software to “train” it can make the difference between an okay open rate and a high conversion rate.

Read through your data and give personalized discounts to your most valued customers. As marketers, we know that recurring customers are more valuable than newcomers. After all, 91% of consumers are more likely to do business with brands that provide them with relevant personalized offers and recommendations, according to Accenture.

Personalized “presents” in the form of offers that can be extended to the friends and family of your most valued customers are a fantastic way to create tailor-made offers, increase your website’s traffic and your CTR, and get more trusted prospects on board.

The amount of personalization AI tools can offer, can be proven to be extremely useful for another reason. By looking into your data, AI software can give you a personalized, optimized email as a whole, from its content, the offers, even the copy and the images.

Perfect Subject Lines

Subject lines might easily be the most crucial element of your email marketing strategy as a whole.

Your email’s subject line is what attracts a prospect’s attention. Therefore, you need it to stand out in a full inbox and urge the prospect to click on the email, read it and do what your CTA calls for.

Using AI technology, you can analyze all your past email marketing campaigns in no time, segment your market and determine the optimal subject lines, from the number of words to the actual phrases used, that will attract your audience.

Of course, creativity is essential. However, gathering the right tools to create the perfect email subject line will take some more effort – not to mention that a proper toolset will help you determine the subject line that is best for your brand and your niche. You can use a subject line tester as an extra medium that leverages data to help you attract more email opens.

Remember, a good subject line stands out, while a bad one can be either ignored or worse, marked as spam. Through the eyes of AI, you will be able to create subject lines based on previous data, figure out what attracted email opens in the past, and entice each user.

The Miracle of Retargeting

Finally, AI allows email campaigns to be as “penetrative” as possible by figuring out the best way to retarget prospects.

Let’s assume that we’re dealing with an abandoned cart. Through AI tools, you will be able to tell which parts of your audience respond better to emails sent right after abandoning the cart and which ones need to sleep on it and then make a decision.

If you combine a retargeting email with a little discount, a free sample, or free shipping – whatever your algorithms point at for the specific segments in your audience – you’re guaranteed to have a higher conversion rate than you thought you would.

The Takeaway

AI is one of the most useful concepts of today’s marketing toolbox.

Regardless of the type of campaign it’s going to be used for, AI can guarantee several benefits: more engagement, more conversion, more sales, and strategies that are free of guesstimates.

Using AI for all types of email marketing campaigns will strengthen them, make them more efficient while making your marketing team more effective.

Téa Liarokapi is a content writer for Moosend