Adyen Enables Alipay Mobile Payments for Evernote

Content Manager

Adyen, a global payment solutions provider, announced it is partnering with Evernote to launch Alipay’s new mobile optimized checkout for Evernote’s user base in China, according to a press release.

This launch enables Evernote’s mobile customers to pay with Alipay through a streamlined, mobile optimized flow.  The partnership will also allow Evernote to grow its presence in China.

Adyen is implementing Alipay’s one-click mobile checkout for Evernote’s recurring users to further simplify the experience.

“After Adyen optimized our implementation of Alipay’s mobile checkout, our customers’ mobile experience has significantly improved, and we expect to see a corresponding increase in conversions, customer satisfaction and brand affinity,” said Linda Kozlowski, vice president, worldwide operations of Evernote in the press release.

CNNIC reported that with more than 630 million internet users in China, and 83% of them accessing the web through mobile devices, simplifying mobile payments is crucial to converting online users into buyers.

“Adyen’s mission is to help global brands like Evernote increase their revenue by creating the most user-friendly and streamlined payments experience for their customers,” said Kamran Zaki, president of Adyen North America.

Adyen has partnered with Evernote in more than 40 other countries. In each country,  Evernote users can pay in local currencies bycredit  card or local payment methods.