Bring Your Contact Center From Smart to Genius

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Going from smart to genius with your contact center is very simple.  An intelligent contact center will use customer data to make their brands psychic, according to an article by Teletech.  Bringing your contact center from smart to genius cultivates relationships between agents and customers and generates loyalty.

Here are several technologies, according to the article, that will help deliver experiences and service for each customer:

Multichannel Service Delivery for Everywhere Customers:  While contact centers have been built around telephone technologies, customer-facing employees need to interact with customers across all communication channels.  Multichannel service delivery platforms offer an integration of customer service technologies in a single application. It allows service employees to continually serve customers without navigating across different technology systems – even when the customer switches communication channels.    The systems integrate phone call routing platform, CRM software, customer data systems and knowledge sources into one infrastructure that offers a comprehensive view of the customer through an easy-to-use interface.

Web Self-Service Technologies for the DIY Customers:  Since many customers prefer finding answers online, companies are investing in self-service web technologies.  The question-and-answer matching technologies go beyond the FAQ pages deliver more than reams of search results.  The technologies accept and recognize natural query language and deliver a single correct answer even when a question is worded in many different ways.  It will also allow users to ask questions in a conversational language.  It sees through human grammatical and spelling mistakes to match questions with their respected answers.

Mobile Service Applications for Today’s Digital Customers:  Companies that only offer a 1-800 number customer support seem outdated, according to 68% of respondents of a recent Harris Interactive Survey and 86% expect brands to offer multiple customer service options.  Mobile applications are important for companies to offer customers, according to 70% of adults.  Companies offering flexible services make it easier for digital customers to access service from a mobile application and will stand out from the pack. 

Customer Feedback Technologies that Listen to Those Who Matter Most:  Technologies using the voice of customers deploy social media listening tools and customer satisfaction surveys to capture customer thoughts, expectations, likes and dislikes.  The tools will aggregate customer feedback from multiple communication channels including phone calls, websites, mobile applications and social media channels, according to the article.  The technologies will consolidate the input and use it to segment brand promoters and detractors and help analyze and drivers of customer loyalty and dissatisfaction. The voice of the customer programs help companies act on the feedback they collect, reveal customer sentiment and trends, while boosting organizational responsiveness.

Using Customer Data Analytics for Smarter Sales and Marketing:  Using business intelligence tools to analyze data and interpret buying behavior patterns for specific customer segments, empowers companies to provide a more personalized and relevant sales and marketing interactions.  Sales and marketing engines use data to determine each customer’s activity, intent, financial value, and preferred communication channel.  The technology dynamically generates content and custom-tailored campaigns based on each other’s profile.  As the technology executes marketing campaigns, more customer data is collected and analyzed, improving strategy over time.

Leveraging Collective Intelligence for Service Employees Using Social Learning Tools:  Contact centers are replacing multi-tier structures with collaborative work environments that allow service employees to tap into co-workers’ and collective intelligence to solver a wider variety of customer problems.  The social collaboration platform is the central play in this type of contact center.  It unites learning philosophies, training and support resources – all of this is done in a cloud technology solution.

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