Dollar Shave Club Improves Mobile Conversions by 126%

Content Manager

Dollar Shave Club saw a significant boost in conversions when it made performance improvements to its mobile and website platforms.

One of the challenges for the Dollar Shave Club was improving performance on mobile devices, particularly the Android platforms such as Samsung Galaxy Note and Google Nexus 7.  Once improvements were made, the company saw mobile conversion rates soar 126%.

“If you run offline ad campaigns (TV and radio) like we do, 45% of your traffic from the campaign will be mobile,” said Todd Lehr, vice president of engineering for Dollar Shave Club.  “If your site is not optimized for mobile,  you’re flushing money down the drain.”

The next challenge the company faced was boosting conversions on the website platform.  The company had successfully leveraged its online viral video and social marketing campaigns along with television ads to attract visitors. Lehr wanted to ensure more customers signed up for paid subscriptions.

According to Lehr, he was tasked with upgrading the site’s architecture to prepare for a push into the United Kingdom and Australia.

Key changes were made to the architecture in order to improve web performance.  The company also pursued an aggressive A/B testing of its website to identify layout changes that could improve conversion rates.

Dollar Shave Club signed up with Amazon CloudFront,  a content delivery network offered by Amazon Web Services.  While this improved results,  Lehr thought it could be better.

The company wanted a web performance solution that:  boosted conversions across all users, specifically improved mobile conversion rates,  delivered higher performance and better value than legacy content delivery networks, scaled globally to simplify expansion into markets overseas and provide exceptional support.

Lehr turned to Instart Logic and ran an A/B Test of Instart Logic against CloudFront to compare conversion rates.  He wanted to know how Instart Logic’s mobile-optimized infrastructure would impact conversion rates for mobile users.

After a three week period of A/B testing, which measured hundreds of thousands of visits to the site,  the company saw a 16.8% improvement in conversions for traffic served through Instart Logic.

Instart Logic delivered impressive conversion results when it came to monthly traffic to the mobile sites.

“For Samsung Galaxy S3 the most-used Android phone,  we tracked a 126% increase in conversions and a 27% increase in conversions for the Nexus 7,” said Lehr.