How to Win the Amazon Buy Box

amazon-buy-box-698-400Winning the Buy Box is more than just a big catch phrase. But what exactly IS winning the Buy Box?

ChannelAdvisor Team Lead for Marketplace Services Josh Jamieson says the Buy Box is coveted online real estate on Amazon’s product pages that’s desired by third-party sellers. The Buy Box allows consumers to immediately add items to their shopping carts and make purchases.

If more than one eligible seller offers a product, they compete for the Buy Box to highlight their specific product offer and increase their chances of being selected over their competitors.

Jamieson says which seller receives the coveted piece of online real estate is determined by Amazon, and it’s awarded to retailers that are considered High Rated Sellers and excel in various seller performance metrics.

Winning the Buy Box highly increases sellers’ chances of selling a product, according to Amazon.

Jamieson addressed the Buy Box and more in “15 Tactics Great Amazon Sellers Live By,” a webinar hosted by Multichannel Merchant, You can find out more about – and register for the free on-demand webinar – by clicking here.