L’Oreal See 18% Increase in AOV with Interactive Video

Content Manager

When L’Oreal USA incorporated interactive videos into its website, visitors who watched product videos were nearly two times more likely to complete a purchase.

L’Oreal USA also found that its average order value among video watchers was 18% higher, according to a case study.

L’Oreal USA needed a way to support its Kérastase Paris hair treatment products online.  However, conveying the features and benefits of a product line typically promoted in salons by stylists was a challenge.  L’Oreal was looking for a way to meet online consumers’ needs in a way that would generate sales.

L’Oreal partnered with Invodo to create videos that engage beauty consumers across the shopping journey.  This included videos that introduce the full product line, educational how-to videos, and videos for individual products.

“Invodo guided us to the right strategic decisions for our video program, and we clearly saw an impact,” said Mary Cooney, AVP E-commerce at Kérastase Paris.  “With interactive video, for example, more shoppers made their way to product pages and completed purchases.  Video that covers the entire journey satisfies consumers and guides them to purchase.”

The instructional videos became a selling tool with the interactive video.  Consumers were able to learn about hair treatment and shop a range of products featured in the video.  If they liked what they saw  and decided that the product was right for them,  customers were just one click away from the product page and making a purchase.

More than 9 out of 10 video viewers watched educational videos with interactive video to 90% completion.  The high engagement shows that videos met shopper’s needs.