Retailers Remain Optimistic About Global Expansion

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Retailers have an optimistic stance on global expansion and are prepared for it, according to a report by eBay Enterprise.

Forty-seven percent said they’re prepared for global expansion while 73% noted they are ahead of the curve when it comes to this initiative.

China emerges as the second priority for global shipping expansion and third priority for global ecommerce expansion and global brick-and-mortar expansion.

Thirty-nine percent of respondents said that ecommerce localization was the top barrier to global expansion and 87% of respondents are very or somewhat concerned about the dilution of brand values and integrity when entering new markets.

The report revealed that working with partners played an important role in enabling localization with 45% of respondents enlisting technology partners that provide solutions.  Forty-one percent working with services partners to help optimize the business and 41% working with channel partners to help distribute products across retail networks.

“As retailers look to expand globally and more specifically capitalize on the thriving commerce opportunity in Asia they often are intimidated by the complex cultural sensitivities and need to duplicate operations to serve the market,” said Tobias Hartmann, vice president, enterprise services and international, eBay Enterprise.