Sigma Incorporates Video for Product Differentiation

Content Manager

Invodo created dynamic video marketing tools for lens and camera manufacturer Sigma Corporation,  and saw results in less than three months in the summer of 2012, according to a case study.

Sigma was trying to figure out how to appropriately educate consumers about its products while enhancing its brand’s credibility in an industry where visibly similar products can be different in functionality and product differentiation is a challenge.

The videos created by Invodo were implemented across the product pages on Sigma’s website.

Sigma realized that video merchandising is important and by working with Invodo, its videos were viewed at rates three times higher than the average.  Sigma reported that three out of five video viewers watched up to 90% completion and the videos received a rating of 4.2 out of 5.

“Consumers can now quickly and easily learn the key features and differences between our products to determine which lens or camera is most fitting for their needs,” said Jack Howard, Marketing Department New Media Specialist at Sigma Corporation in the case study.

According to Howard, the videos proved to be “effective commerce drivers too.”  He added, “Video viewers are much more likely to click through to find an authorized retailer than non-viewers.”

Within three months of working with Invodo, Sigma had 50 informative videos on its site.  In 2013, the company contracted with Invodo for an additional 14 videos.  In less than 60 days, Sigma’s new videos were integrated into the site.

“The visual look and feel remains identical – so there’s a continuity of user experience as they browse our extensive line,” said Howard.  “Appropriate use of video, from the earliest development of a video strategy to the implementation, generates real results.”