Lands’ End says goodbye to Andersen

Dodgeville, WI–Count apparel cataloger Lands’ End (NYSE: LE) among those companies severing ties with embattled accounting firm Arthur Andersen. Lands’ End’s board of directors appointed Ernst & Young as the company’s independent public accountants for the fiscal year ending Jan. 31, 2003. The appointment will be presented to Lands’ End shareholders for ratification at the company’s 2002 annual meeting.

Prior to the selection of Ernst & Young LLP, Arthur Andersen LLP had served as the catalog company’s independent public accountants. Arthur Andersen is under fire for its role in the Enron Corp. bankruptcy debacle and light of the uncertainty surrounding the Chicago-based accounting giant, Lands’ End said it believes the change is in the best interest of the company—though it maintains there have been no disagreements with Andersen.