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#1: Dos and Don’ts of Twitter
Jun 30, 2009
Search and social have collided, and now they affect one another. Not only is search now social, but it also possesses its own unique voice …

#2: Printers, ACMA Head Defend Five-Day Postal Delivery
Feb 06, 2009
While many consumers and businesses were outraged at Postmaster General John E. Potter’s Jan. 28 appeal to Congress to let him reduce postal delivery, a few catalog industry watchers are supporting Potter…

#3: Fresh Round of Industry Layoffs
Jan 14, 2009
As multichannel merchants assess the 2009 holiday sales shortfall and the bleak outlook for 2009, this week brought a new round of industry layoff announcements…

#4: Add-to-Cart Buttons: Bigger is Better
Jul 13, 2009
Bigger add-to-cart buttons work. The larger and more eye-catching they are, the more responsive Web visitors will be. That means higher conversion rates, lower shopping cart abandonment, more revenue…

#5: Smith & Hawken Shutting Down
Jul 09, 2009
It’s official: The Scotts Miracle-Gro Co. announced yesterday it is closing its Smith & Hawken division…

#6: Cashs of Ireland Catalog Sold
Apr 03, 2009
New York-based private equity firm KPS Capital Partners has acquired certain Irish and U.K. assets of Waterford Wedgwood—including cataloger Cashs of Ireland—through a newly formed company, WWRD Holdings …

#7: Ross-Simons VP Makes New Appeal to USPS
Jan 27, 2009
Catalogers been slammed with high postage increases—namely the massive rate hike of 2007—and many have cut circulation as a result. Is there any way to stop this vicious cycle?

#8: Twitter Better for Nonsense than Business Sense
Aug 24, 2009
Are you still thinking about using Twitter as a channel to communicate with your customers? If so, keep in mind there’s a lot of clutter to cut through…

#9: Retail Crime Up Thanks to Down Economy
Jan 08, 2009
It’s no secret that when the economy tanks, retail crime goes up. Especially when it comes to crimes such as shoplifting, returns fraud and use of stolen credit cards…

#10: Sinking Your Teeth Into Twitter and Facebook
Aug 11, 2009
You’ve got your company on Twitter, you set up a Facebook page, and think you’re reaching your customers in a whole new way. But do you really know what you’re doing with social media?

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