Medelita Grows Mobile Traffic 400%

medelita-responsive-design-iphone-full-sizeResponsive website design has seen rapid adoption among ecommerce web design teams as it provides retailers with the ability to serve customers on any internet browsing device without having to develop a mobile app or a separate website for mobile users.

Medelita, which sells apparel and accessories for the healthcare industry, recently took advantage of responsive design, and over the last 12 months has watched as mobile traffic to its website increased over 400% year over year since 2013.

While a responsive site has clear benefits to web merchants, it has been Medelita customers that have seen the most dramatic benefit, as the amount of transactions conducted via mobile phone on the website have increased from just 13 transactions a month to an average of 70 transactions a month in just one year. Revenue over the same period on mobile transactions has increased over 600% year over year.

This year, the Medelita expects to see a similar jump in mobile sales as it makes plans to optimize the site even further.

“We’re so encouraged by these numbers that it only makes sense to ramp up our mobile optimization efforts,” said Medelita CMO and design lead Dan Stepchew. “In our experience, mobile shoppers have very short attention spans and it’s our goal to provide them with the fastest shopping experience possible from browsing to checkout.”

Stepchew said Medelita plans on taking more steps to make up for losses in website page load speed that are inherit with responsive design.

“We also plan on honing in on exactly what a mobile shopper does when they come to our site and cut out all of the rest,” Stepchew said.