Staples Pilots Interactive Store Map for iPhone App

Staples iPhone app interactive store mapStaples today announced a new interactive store map feature available on the Staples iPhone app that will create an easier and more convenient in-store shopping experience for customers.

The Staples iPhone app (version 5.0 or higher) will help customers find products faster and plan and route their shopping trip in stores. The interactive store map pilot program is now in effect in 83 select stores across New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts and the Seattle area.

The app update enables customers to pin-point and locate every product in their search at their local Staples store. The interactive map can also route a customer’s trip, showing them the easiest and most convenient way to collect their items and get to checkout.

“This pilot program addresses the need to help customers find products quickly. By digitizing the store with features such as interactive maps, we’re able to create a more user-friendly and customized shopping experience that adds real value to their Staples experience,” said Faisal Masud, executive vice president of global ecommerce at Staples.

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The interactive store map pilot program will serve as an introduction to new mobile app features Staples will be launching to make easier in-store shopping happen. It’s the latest addition to a suite of shopping options including stores,, Staples mobile website, buy online pickup in store and Staples in-store kiosks.

Seventy percent of Staples app users are omnichannel shoppers. The new features of the Staples app will allow customers to shop seamlessly between stores and devices, providing easy access to product locations and availability both online and in their local store.

Staples is working on this pilot program with Point Inside’s Store Mode platform. The platform is a cloud-based, mobile platform that allows customers to search products in stores and map out their shopping experience through the Staples app.

Tim Parry is Multichannel Merchant’s Managing Editor, and the lead programmer for Growing Global.

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