Rolls Out 30 New Features to its Platform

translate.comLanguage technology and translation solutions provider announced the addition of more than 30 new applications and integrations to its platform. Through its SaaS applications, says users can now globalize and manage all aspects of their brand through one centralized and easily accessible location.

Now compatible with most major content management systems, ecommerce platforms and customer support applications, can be integrated with Zendesk, Squarespace, WordPress, Drupal and HubSpot.

“We’ve built the go-to web platform for global communication,” said CEO, Anthos Chrysanthou. “With 30+ apps and integrations, it’s a simple and convenient solution for anyone looking to cultivate a global web presence.” said its services offer a solution to the disconnect between information available on the web and the vast majority of users unable to comprehend it. The company says that 57 percent of existing content on the web is written in English, while only a mere 18 percent of the web’s 2.2 billion users are able to read it in their native language.

Brands without the resources to produce multilingual content now have a simple and cost efficient platform to localize their content, said.

“Global customer support will be key for successful brands in 2016,” said Anthony Perez,’s VP of Global Sales, adding that’s Zendesk app is currently among the most popular of its apps and integrations.

In addition to the site’s expansive list of applications and plugins, also launched an API offering in March. Integrated with existing applications to provide automatic translations, the API is perfect for orders with a high word count.’s newest development, Website Translator, offers users the ability to localize website content from one central platform. Users can translate text, meta tags, images, video and other media, effortlessly with Website Translator.

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