Webinar: MCM Outlook 2010: How Merchants Are Gearing Up for Growth

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After two years of just trying to hang on, multichannel marketers are ready to move out of survival mode and into a new phase of growth and innovation. How are they planning to do this? Thanks to an extensive survey of our audience during the past two months, Multichannel Merchant has some answers. And we’re going to share the results on March 30 in our exclusive Webinar series.

The four separate Webinars will feature expert panelists in key business categories—catalogs, e-commerce, operations and fulfillment and general marketing. You’ll find out what your peers are doing in these areas, which will help you get a handle on how you should proceed with your business.

Session 1: Marketing – LIVE at 1:00pm ET
Direct marketing business these days must be well versed in communicating with customers in all channels. Not surprisingly, our research reveals heavy interest in using electronic media to promote catalogs, Websites and/or stores. Our experts will offer their take on marketing topics including:

  • Where marketers plans to increase or cut back on spending
  • Essential e-mail metrics
  • How retailers are expanding their merchandising niche
  • Profitability and revenue expectations for 2010

Session 2: Catalogs – LIVE at 1:45pm ET
Print catalogers have taken a beating as rising costs and lower response rates and sales have made it harder to profitably put books in the mail. Yet print remains a crucial component in any multichannel contact strategy. Our research results will cover what print catalogs are doing now, including:

  • Non-catalog print formats mailers are testing
  • How merchants track their catalogs’ effectiveness
  • The mailing logistics services marketers use now and plan to test
  • Circulation strategies for the next 12 months

Session 3: E-Commerce – LIVE at 2:30pm ET
The art of selling online is constantly evolving and savvy Web marketers know they have to keep up with new tactics and technology. Most companies plan to focus on e-commerce initiative in the coming year, but where will they invest their budgets? This Webinar will cover:

  • Where merchants are spending their search dollars
  • How Web marketers are using rich media
  • Why companies are embracing—or avoiding—social media
  • Wish lists for site redesigns

Session 4: Operations & Fulfillment – LIVE at 3:15pm ET
The contact center and fulfillment operations are perhaps the most important functions in any multichannel company: If you can’t get deliver what you promise, it doesn’t matter what you do on the front end. Our panel will weigh in current practices and planned upgrades for the back end of the business, including:

  • The contact center metrics marketers rely on
  • Warehouse technology in use now and planned for the near future
  • Operations functions merchants are outsourcing
  • Shipping and handling strategies