call center

Vice President Profit and loss and strategic responsibility for the success of the telemarketing operation, including:

– Profit and loss responsibility on a center-by-center basis as well as on a client basis;

– Site selection and management selection to support new centers;

– Implementing sales and growth strategies to increase the size of the service agency;

– Developing and implementing the strategic business plan;

– Forecasting center capacity and staffing to meet client demand; and

– Setting call center standards and policies and procedures to ensure a high level of production and quality while increasing efficiency.

Regional Director Responsible for the operations and administration of multiple call centers, including:

– Directing center managers and support staff;

– Setting internal production goals to meet or exceed client goals and contractual requirements;

– Analyzing billing and program performance to determine center profitablity;

– Formulating and controlling budgeting and pricing;

– Sales forecasting and analysis;

– Facility design; and

– Telecommunications equipment selection.

Manager Responsibility for the operations of the call center, including:

– Managing the supervisory and representative staff to achieve production goals;

– Setting staffing levels;

– Program estimating, billing, and scheduling;

– Developing and issuing reports illustrating project activity and trends and changes in projects that affect center operations; and

– Monitoring and reporting program progress to clients and upper-level management.

Supervisor Day-to-day supervisory responsibility for a group of representatives within the center, including:

– Testing, training, monitoring, and evaluating representatives;

– Interviewing and selecting representatives to work on specific accounts;

– Writing specific account descriptions and objectives, summaries, and daily account reports;

– Scheduling and managing staff and workflow; and

– Ensuring productivity levels are maintained or exceeded.