Ecommerce Shipping Outlook: Q4 and the Scramble for Capacity

A massive shift to ecommerce due to COVID-19 restrictions has created peak-like conditions for shippers and carriers throughout the late spring and summer, sending demand and costs soaring. Now comes the actual holiday season, a huge unknown but still expected to generate staggering volumes. The result is a mad scramble to secure delivery capacity without breaking the bank in the process, and a rethinking of strategies.

This report taps ecommerce shipping and logistics experts who discuss the extraordinary challenges facing shippers this year, especially in Q4, and second looks at options like the USPS and regional carriers.

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You will learn:

  • About the scramble to secure carrier capacity at the end of 2020
  • About efforts to diversify the carrier mix to handle massive volumes
  • How a parcel consolidator can act as a shipping broker for clients
  • About the pandemic-era reset and the need to pull investments forward

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