Global Ecommerce Operations Do’s and Don’ts

If you want to learn about which global ecommerce operations strategies and tactics worked best, you’ll want to attend the “Global Ecommerce Operations Do’s and Don’ts Merchant Panel” at Multichannel Merchant’s Growing Global conference on July 15 and 16 in Long Beach, CA.

In this session, Craig Smith, principal of CDSmith Consulting, will discuss with leading merchants the global ecommerce operations strategies and tactics that worked well for them, and which one they wouldn’t repeat. You’ll learn to avoid their mistakes, and pick up some winning ideas that will make your global customers happy. What you learn in this session could save you thousands in sales and months in time to market than if you tried to figure it out on your own.

Smith recommends starting with a narrow focus on a single country or two where your market research indicates there is a high affinity for your particular goods or services.

“Each country is a market unto itself with different tastes, demands, expectations, regulations and import duties,” Smith said. “From an operations perspective, expect your order profiles and top sellers to morph as you add new counties. By starting with a single country or two you can effectively gauge how your business will change as you move into international markets.”

As a Growing Global attendee, you will hear ideas and case studies that companies are using to sell globally today. Equally as beneficial, you will hear what is not working … so you can save time, and sell more, faster. The benefits of learning from others can mean months saved in time to market and thousands or even millions in sales.

You’ll also learn to identify the largest areas of opportunity, strategies and tactics for selling more and boosting operational efficiency in a two day schedule that is conducive to learning. See the agenda at a glance here.