MCM Outlook 2017: Seismic Shopping Shifts Bring Evolution to Fulfillment

Shift happens. And right now, there’s a seismic shift in how U.S. consumers shop. After years of being told by ecommerce analysts and experts that “this is the Year of Mobile,” mobile commerce is finally here, and it’s taking the traditional retail model with it.

Consumers are no longer just going to the store and buying what they need, and that is changing the way retailers do everything from fulfilling and shipping orders to communicating with and satisfying their customers.

In this MCM Outlook Special Report on Operations you will learn:

  • Why a shrinking store landscape means great opportunities for omnichannel retailers
  • How retailers are matching Amazon’s speed by shipping from stores
  • Why buy online pickup in store is seeing great growth
  • What’s driving lowered free-shipping thresholds


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