MCM Top 3PL Directory: An Indispensable Resource for Ecommerce Companies

While there has been a bit of a falloff in ecommerce growth after the pandemic explosion, Statista still projects it will increase about 11% a year through 2027. That means shippers will continue to face challenges maintaining service levels customers expect, as fulfillment becomes more complex and shipping costs rise.

For these reasons, more and more retail and ecommerce companies are forging partnerships with third-party logistics providers (3PL). They’re realizing that fulfillment and shipping demands will continue to outstrip their internal capabilities, and expert, experienced help is needed in order to bridge the gap.

Multichannel Merchant’s Top 3PL directory, now in its ninth year, is a curated listing of over 60 profiles of leading providers, highlighting things including overall capabilities and service focus.

The submission period is now open for our 2024 directory. As a provider, your profile will demonstrate your strengths and differentiators to more than 57,000 monthly unique visitors to in ecommerce and retail. The directory is a go-to resource for this rapidly evolving market, so don’t miss your opportunity to ensure your company is properly represented.

What are your key offerings? What product categories do you specialize in? Are you more focused on B2C or B2B? What kind of order volume do you handle? What is the reach of your network? In short, how are you helping shippers succeed?

You can view the 2023 MCM Top 3PL directory here to get a better idea of the types of information highlighted in the profiles. The basic listing is free, with opportunities to purchase enhanced packages and increase your level of visibility.

Download the submission form here. The deadline to complete it is Friday, Nov. 10, 2023, and the new directory goes live in December. Companies selected are recognized as leading 3PL players; make sure yours is among them.