Newgistics Partners with wnDirect for Global Expansion

cross-border selling, cross-border ecommerce, Newgistics, wnDirect, global returns, global shipping, international shippingEcommerce solutions provider Newgistics has partnered with international ecommerce delivery company wnDirect on an expansion of its parcel delivery and return service to 34 countries, offering direct injection of shipments into the local postal stream or carrier network in those markets which represent 94% of its orders.

Through the partnership, Newgistics’ retail customers can reduce the cost of cross-border delivery and make it easier for them to sell into major overseas markets including the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia, Russia, China and South America.

“wnDirect takes care of the final mile in each country, where they have selected local delivery providers based on their expertise within that market,” said Ted Tanner, vice president of global solutions for Newgistics. “Each day we have flights out of Los Angeles, Chicago and New York to those markets. All shipments are delivery duty paid (DDP), meaning the customer experience is the same as a delivery in the U.S.”

Newgisitics provides the domestic leg of the shipment, including customer pickup and harmonization of the product catalog code by country in order to assure accurate assessment of duties, fees and taxes.

Newgistics was already working with wnDirect on U.S. inbound shipments, Tanner said, adding they had a strong presence and expertise in each of the markets covered.

“They (wnDirect) spend a great deal of time before opening up a new lane,” he said. “In Russia for example, they flew several people out who immersed themselves in the market, talking to local retailers, etailers and consumers to get a good feeling not only for the culture but customer expectations of delivery. So everything we do has a local delivery feel, including providing a single label and an in-country return address.”

Thomas Dwyer, vice president of U.S. sales for wnDirect, said a key feature of the joint solution is the fact that the website of the local carrier is used as a package tracking tool. “This significantly reduces the number of queries by offering things like final mile tracking, rerouting and estimated delivery time,” Dwyer said.