Postmaster Launches API for Easier Integration

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Postmaster, a cloud based, small package shipping integration platforms for SMBs and ecommerce companies announced the launching of API which promises easier integration for shipping carriers in ecommerce platforms,  according to a blog post on

Here are some key takeaways from this blog post by Janet Wagner of

The Postmaster API was designed to allow easy integration of multiple shipping carriers into ecommerce systems as well as help companies save time and money throughout the entire shipping process, according to the blog post.

The Postmaster API Beta is based on REST and all responses to API calls are returned in JSON format.  There are three client libraries currently available at GitHub which include Python, PHP, and Ruby, according to the blog post.

The goal of the Postmaster API is to make shipping integration and ecommerce systems easier for developers as well as help companies reduce the costs reduce the costs on small package shipments.

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