Sleepy’s Sees Revenue Growth after Website Redesign

Content Manager

Sleepy’s saw a 20% increase in revenue after the redesign of its website and a 15% increase in overall conversions when it began working with Amplience Dynamic Media, according to a case study.

During the Sleepy’s website redesign, the company looked to optimize image management across the company. Images which were used for point of sale, the company intranet and its websites were housed in an Oracle database and required constant manual resizing and uploads.

This was a very time-intensive endeavor and impacted internal workflow and processes. Sleepy’s also wanted to enhance the customer experience via an improved site design and faster page load speeds.

Sleepy’s previous platform didn’t allow for visual enhancements that would enable efficient usability for customers, and the company sought to replace it with a system that not only facilitated visual engagements but also enabled them across channels.

Sleepy’s is an omnichannel retailer with 45% of its customers engaging with the company across smartphone or tablet devices, often utilizing multiple devices during the same purchase journey.

Implementing the Amplience platform helped Sleepy’s deliver information across devices and provide an optimal customer experience both online and offline.  It also enabled the company to upload images through the platform and adapt them automatically. By using dynamic imaging, Sleepy’s could easily resize all images from one master asset, optimize video delivery for all devices and showcase product details with integrated video, zoom and spin. This  allowed Sleepy’s to reduce image management time significantly, and improving productivity by about 20%.

The company is planning three dynamic media rollouts across its brands for the coming year.  The first of the three will be for its 1800Mattress brand, planned for September, followed by one in November for Mattress Discounters. The timeline for a dynamic media rollout for has yet to be confirmed.