Take Our MCM Outlook Survey 2021, And Have a Cuppa Joe

What forces are shaping the future of ecommerce and DTC operations, especially in a pandemic era, and how are they impacting your business?

Multichannel Merchant is conducting its annual MCM Outlook survey to gauge how industry professionals are reacting to trends and market forces. The survey results help shape our editorial coverage, and your valuable input helps us get there.

The MCM Outlook survey is set up so you just need to fill out the relevant section based on your role (ecommerce, operations and fulfillment, customer care), so it doesn’t take up your valuable time. Important: individual survey responses are not shared but just used for statistical purposes.

As a bonus we’ll give you a $5 Starbucks e-card as our way of saying thanks for completing the survey. You can take it by clicking hereThe deadline for completion is Wed, March 31.

We appreciate your taking part in the survey, helping us continue to deliver content that is relevant and actionable for your business.