70% of Americans Want Contactless Alternative To Proof-of-Delivery Signatures According To New Anyline Inc. Survey

In the age of COVID-19, deliveries with no recipient verification alternatives risk damaging consumer trust as the holiday season approaches

Boston, Nov. 10, 2020 – Anyline Inc., which makes data-capture simple, today announced findings published in its “2021 Anyline US Survey of Consumer Attitudes.” According to the survey, 70% of Americans want a contactless digital alternative to proof-of-delivery signatures for their high-value packages, a practice largely abandoned by last-mile delivery companies since the outbreak of COVID-19. Anyline’s survey of 500 U.S. shoppers ascertained consumer preferences and attitudes about in-person package delivery in the age of coronavirus.

The research also uncovered a significant “accountability gap” that is costing both consumers and their delivery providers. This is a result of lost and damaged packages that are not being accounted for and bad actors who are taking advantage of relaxed verification processes to defraud businesses. As home shipments have increased by 65% over the past quarter[1], more than half of survey respondents (53%) reported to have had a package delivered damaged, while more than four in ten (43%) experienced a package being lost during a delivery.

Additional key takeaways from the report include:

  • Negative delivery experiences are putting loyalty at risk, with more than three quarters (77%) of shoppers confirming they would reconsider purchasing from a company based on poor delivery.
  • 7 in 10 (69%) respondents believe the delivery company chosen by businesses is important to their purchasing decision.
  • While more than two thirds of consumers expect to continue their current shopping habits even after the COVID-19 pandemic[2], the current lack of identity verification procedures for high-value packages is at odds with the wishes of 3 out of 4 (75%) respondents, who rated this practice as a major factor for them.

“In a year of unprecedented change, consumers are relying more than ever on last-mile delivery services, yet many companies are risking their reputations by offering no replacement to previously widespread ID verification methods for high-value and restricted deliveries,” said Christoph Braunsberger, president, Anyline Inc. “One viable alternative would be to combine package barcode scanning with OCR technology to read recipient IDs and verify their identity within seconds, all while maintaining social distancing. During a holiday season of uncertainty for so many shoppers, last-mile delivery companies can strengthen their brand loyalty by giving consumers a contactless verification process which ensures their packages are tracked, verified and accounted for.”

Click here to download the 2021 Anyline Survey of Consumer Attitudes Regarding Package Delivery in the Age of Coronavirus.


About Anyline Inc.

Founded in Vienna in 2013, Anyline has established itself as the market leader in mobile data capture. Using the newest and most innovative artificial intelligence approaches, Anyline enables any mobile device to process written characters and barcodes in real time, even when offline.

Anyline mobile data capture technology is GDPR compliant, processing all data collected securely on the users’ device, and removing any chance of data interference. It’s not only more accurate than manual data entry, but also works 20 times faster.

These scanning solutions are trusted by household brands such as PepsiCo, Canon and Red Bull. Anyline scanning is also used by over 100,000 police officers worldwide, enabling them to instantly identify people by scanning IDs, passports, green cards, visas, and driver’s licenses. In addition, vehicles and freight can be inspected by scanning license plates, vehicle identification numbers (VIN) and container numbers.

Anyline also offers discounted services to non-governmental organizations and humanitarian organisations, including the Nobel Prize-winning United Nations World Food Programme.

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[1] Wall Street Journal, “UPS Rides E-Commerce Surge to 21% Jump in Package Volumes,” July 30, 2020

[2] Anyline Inc,Anyline US Survey on Consumer Shopping in the Age of Coronavirus,” October 27, 2020 

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