H&M connects its workforce with Convo’s new retail-centric enterprise social collaboration platform

Oct. 22, 2018 – This morning Convo threw out a lifeline for employers committed to keeping young workers engaged. The company rolled out its enterprise social collaboration platform and announced H&M as a major customer.

The product takes aim at a disengaged workforce – giving enterprises the tools to replicate how millennials communicate outside of work (social media, instant messaging), in their work environment. It’s a trend Deloitte sees escalating, with 67% of enterprises surveyed expecting growth in “work-based social media” this year.

Convo, the company that unifies the workforce, announced today that multinational, fast-fashion retail leader H&M has selected and successfully deployed Convo’s Retail Social Collaboration Platform across its U.S. organization of more than 15,000 employees. Convo enables secure, real-time, two-way communication and collaboration between desk and non-desk workers. H&M will use Convo’s platform to connect and inform employees across its more than 500 stores throughout the country. With a geographically dispersed workforce that is 80% mobile, it’s crucial for H&M to connect in one place. Convo provides a simple way to help H&M do that, with a UI and real-time feed that are very familiar and similar to other commonly used social platforms.

H&M chose Convo because it gave them robust functionality of task management and chat apps all in one place, while negating the need for non-desk employees to have a corporate email account. The all-in-one solution simplified employee onboarding and use, since there is one platform, and no need to switch between apps. H&M also liked that Convo went beyond conversations to enable in-depth discussions, with context-aware threads and visual feedback, and that it’s easily accessible to all employees, regardless of device.

Convo Press Contact:
Carmen Hughes