Introducing Centriam, Customer Experience Software for Everyone

The Customer Intelligence Company Releases CX SaaS for Businesses of All Sizes

Minneapolis, Minnesota, August 1, 2018 — Today, Centriam, a customer intelligence company that makes tools and solutions to enable companies to build deeper customer relationships and drive customer-centric cultures, announces the launch of its Customer Experience Management Platform. This new platform will enable businesses of all sizes and means to execute targeted and personalized customer experience programs that drive incremental revenue and improve customer retention.

“We founded Centriam with a vision to enable any company to improve customer experience through better use of data and analytics,” says Centriam CEO, Jakub Jez.  “Competing on customer experience should be one of the highest strategic priorities for most companies. Our platform intelligently uncovers the key drivers of customer experience, increases customer retention, and turns customers into loyal fans,” Jez explains.

With the launch of Centriam’s Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, now brands of all sizes can access powerful tools to collect and analyze highly targeted customer feedback, turn those insights into actions, and measure the impact of CX efforts on the bottom line.

From community banks to regional retailers, there’s finally a customer experience management solution to help brands better connect with customers and develop deeper relationships.

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About Centriam

Centriam is a customer intelligence company. Our software-as-a-service platform enables companies to execute targeted and personalized customer experience programs that uncover the real drivers of customer experience, generate incremental revenue, and improve customer retention. Centriam revolutionizes how organizations get value out of data: we combine data science, technology, and customer intelligence into solutions that close the gap between insights and actions.


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