Qualpay Adds Recurring Billing and Account Updater to Payment Platform

Qualpay, a leading provider of integrated omnichannel payment solutions, has added Recurring Billing with Account Updater features to its payments processing platform. Its one-stop shop for Merchant Accounts, Payment Gateway and Recurring Billing capabilities provides ease-of-use and minimizes operational costs.

To support the shift to subscription-based business models, Qualpay’s Recurring Billing allows merchants to deploy customized billing plans, automate cardholder updates, simplify pricing management, improve data security and provide easy payment tracking. Account Updater, a feature of Qualpay’s Recurring Billing, helps merchants improve relationships with subscribers by automatically updating customer payment information provided by card issuers.

Qualpay’s payment platform is made for merchants, ISVs or developers. It integrates a Merchant Account with Payment Gateway and Recurring Billing capabilities all in one place, delivering operational efficiencies, reducing complexity, simplifying how transactions are tracked and saving on cost and time.

As an integrated payments platform company, Qualpay works in partnership with their customers to package an offering that addresses specific payment needs and ensures customer and cardholder data is stored securely. The Recurring Billing feature will support setting up customers for recurring, installment or subscription payments by creating a plan and assigning a customer to that plan. On selected billing dates, Qualpay will automatically charge customers on that plan and report the results of the transactions. If each of your customers has a unique billing scenario, you can create unique per customer subscriptions without a plan. The Account Updater feature will eliminate multiple customer touch points by automatically ensuring card data is kept fresh and up-to-date.

Qualpay’s CEO Craig Gass said,”We are always striving to improve on the customer’s experience by providing a seamless and simple way to manage payments. In order to address the needs of today’s consumer, merchants are continuing to spend time and money to add capabilities on top of legacy payment systems. We want to simplify payments for our customers and partners by taking an integrated platform approach that tracks fees and reconciles each transaction from sale to deposit in a single report. By using our integrated payments platform to manage all payments, merchants can focus on other aspects of their business.”

Qualpay Recurring Billing and Account Updater can be set up and managed through Qualpay Manager, or through an API in the Qualpay Developer Portal.

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