Whitebox Launches First-of-Its-Kind Ecommerce Technology Omnifi™ to Unite Brands’ Customer, Sales and Logistics Data in One Platform

Company Expands Board of Directors to Include Agency and Data Leader

Baltimore, June 8, 2021Whitebox, the leading ecommerce management platform for brands, today announced the launch of its new business intelligence technology, Omnifi™. The proprietary technology solves the problem of having fragmented data across selling channels, uniting marketing, sales, and logistics.

This is the first technology of its kind, to provide brands and retailers a comprehensive view of their customers across digital channels into a single source of truth for all of their ecommerce needs; the first solution publicly available from Whitebox is Omnifi™ Insights, which powers the services offered by our Marketplace Growth Agency.

As a business intelligence solution, Omnifi Insights offers brands access to tools and a team of data scientists at Whitebox to gain insights from their ecommerce transactions. The solution also enables brands to gain critical learnings from their return on ad spend (ROAS), see a clearer picture of consumers’ entire shopping journeys, and identify new revenue potential for growth. Early adopters include global herbal throat lozenge brand Ricola and plant-based snack brand Snacklins.

“To take a product to market today, brands need to make a lot of decisions, yet they are challenged by a lack of transparency and access to reliable omnichannel data to understand their ecommerce business; these current gaps in knowledge, a common challenge for brands, create missed growth opportunities and customer insights,” said Whitebox CEO Marcus Startzel. “Omnifi Insights offers brands the visibility needed to quickly measure their business’ performance, understand their customer’s purchase journey and ultimately identify revenue potential. Whitebox’s best-in-class, modern commerce platform helps brands make the most out of their insights, and our teams expertly serve as a partner in both strategy and execution through the entire relationship.”

Whitebox’s Omnifi Insights is a unique and innovative data-driven solution in the market, helping brands view overarching sales trends and shopping behaviors and enabling the identification of new opportunities. The technology also allows brands to understand their ecommerce sales across Amazon, Walmart, their brand site, etc. in real time, and provides access to their customers’ data in perpetuity, which alleviates the issue of date limitations for certain data points.

“Fragmented data is no longer acceptable,” said Merkle’s former Global Chairman and CEO David Williams, an investor and new Whitebox board member. “Omnifi  fixes a problem brands have long had when it comes to viewing aggregated data across their ecommerce businesses.”

“Access to data and meaningful insights are essential for a small business like ours. Whitebox’s Omnifi has been a huge leap forward in our understanding of what’s working and what’s not when it comes to our advertising performance, the competitive landscape, consumer demographics, and so much more,” said SNACKLINS Marketing and Ecommerce Manager Jeremy Sherman. “The best part is that the Whitebox team helps us make sense of all the data, allowing us to focus on the most important insights to move our business forward.”

“Ricola has found Omnifi to be a really intuitive, engaging and user friendly product. What sets Whitebox apart is its ability to build meaningful insights from the platform and create value for our business. This unique partnership model gives us the competitive advantage to activate and win on Amazon and shape our strategic thinking on our overall ecommerce business,” said Ricola eCommerce Strategy Sales Manager, North America, Barshan Quadry.

Omnifi™ Insights helps brands in several key areas, including:

  • The customer journey: Omnifi Insights offers full visibility into customers’ omnichannel buying journeys; brands can associate all purchases for any given customer to visualize shopping behaviors, view overarching trends, such as where first-time buyers typically start, or segment sales by marketplace to identify channel-specific trends.
  • Identifying product-specific ad strategy: Omnifi Insights helps brands make actionable, data-driven decisions on their Amazon ad strategy.
  • Leverage geographic sales trends: Brands can view product sales data across geographic regions from any given channel. With Omnifi Insights, brands can benchmark monthly, weekly and daily performance.
  • Create new product offerings: Omnifi Insights enables brands to identify bundling opportunities and view products that were compared to theirs during the shopping process, as well as what competitive products the brand may have lost out to.
  • Understand profitability: Omnifi Insights provides a view of estimated fees and cost of goods sold (COGS) after sales to provide a view of the profitability.

Across Whitebox’s portfolio, the company works with brands through their entire ecommerce lifecycle, including large established brands such as Ricola and French’s, as well as challenger brands such as Snacklins, Super Coffee and Roar Organics.

About Whitebox

Whitebox empowers brands with a modern commerce platform for digital retail success. This first-of-its-kind platform is powered by omnichannel data, connected to every relevant marketplace and platform, and united with a trusted fulfillment network. Proprietary technology and a curious team of experts guide brands through the entire ecommerce lifecycle, with solutions that overcome the complexities of modern commerce.

Whitebox’s full-service marketplace agency optimizes the selling and advertising of goods across all relevant channels, while its fulfillment centers operate a high-volume, low-defect network so brands can reach customers where they shop.

Powered by this access to omnichannel data from both sales and fulfillment transactions, Whitebox’s powerful platform yields access to more data and greater insights to fuel brand growth. From Factory Floor to Front Door™, Whitebox helps brands seize every opportunity in the value chain. Learn more at whitebox.com.