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Get a Jump Start on Your Site Testing

| Mark Simpson

Are you thinking about making changes to your ecommerce site but not sure if right before the holiday rush is a good idea? Those preparations won’t require much of you, they won’t disrupt your marketing and IT operations, and the benefits can be huge.

6 Things to Keep in Mind When Replatforming

| Mark Simpson

If you’re considering a replatform, it’s likely because your ecommerce site is highly complex and dynamic, with rich content, targeted merchandising, interactive customer support and advanced search capabilities. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be tricky. Here’s a checklist of six things to help ensure a smoother process.

Why Your CMO Needs to Guide Your Ecommerce

| Mark Simpson

The modern day merchant must have an intimate understanding of the importance of online and mobile commerce, access to a vast array of customer data, and a strategy for transforming this analytical data into winning online experiences. The question is: who inside the company can embody these traits and help the CEO rule the roost?

5 Tips to Optimize Your Shopping Cart

| Mark Simpson

Nearly 65% of ecommerce shopping carts go unclaimed for various reasons: high shipping costs, confused messaging, distracting pop-ups, repetitive forms, or perhaps merely a desire to virtually

5 Ways to Increase Average Order Values

| Mark Simpson

Paying attention to what items customers initially want to buy, then offering various purchase options tied directly to those products, goes a long way towards cultivating consumer satisfaction and return engagement. Following are five effective ways of getting the attention of even the most focused customers, in pursuit of increasing the overall value of your site