Victor Zhou

Victor played a key role in developing pricing agreements for many of the largest shippers in the U.S. He has specialized in mining and analyzing shipment data and profiles for thousands of clients while scrutinizing financial and operational details of thousands of carrier contracts. Victor has also worked alongside technology departments and on his own to create programs to automate, streamline and project transportation costs more efficiently and accurately; he has also contributed to several industry articles and publications relevant to parcel tariff analysis. He worked several years in financial operations and accounting before moving into the transportation industry in 2011.

FedEx Ground driver

Here’s What You Can Expect with the FedEx 2019 GRI

| Victor Zhou

FedEx announced a 4.9% general rate increase (GRI), matching increases from both itself and UPS in recent years. As each carrier will target different increases in their rates between services, weights and zones to net the overall average increase, here’s a deep dive look at how the FedEx GRI breaks down among its shipping services.

prices rising illustration feature

Breaking Down the New FedEx Fuel Surcharges vs. UPS

| Victor Zhou

Understanding the fuel surcharges from the major carriers can be a tricky proposition. While FedEx has yet to make a grand announcement, both carriers reserve the right to regularly review their fuel pricing. How much are your fuel charges increasing? Learn how the new rates from FedEx stack up vs. main rival UPS.