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Is Your Magento Site Ready for High Traffic?

| Roman Davydov

Given that one extra second of load time may reduce conversions by more than 4%, such problems can be critical to your success. Therefore, if you’re running a Magento store, make sure you’re able to withstand the load and deliver a quality customer experience even when traffic spikes occur.

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350+ Magento Ecommerce Sites Hit with Hack

| Mike O'Brien

More than 350 ecommerce sites running Magento 1 were hit with the same strain of MageCart malware the week of Jan. 31, a card skimming attack that exploited a known leak in the Quickview plugin, according to a report from security provider Sansec.

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Holiday Ecommerce Spending Up 8.6%, Adobe Says

| Mike O'Brien

Despite massive out of stock levels due to supply chain and inventory issues, U.S. holiday ecommerce spending hit a record $204.5 billion over the 2021 holidays, up 8.6%, according to Adobe’s Digital Economy Index, with 38 days where over $3 billion exchanged hands, vs. 25 such days in 2020.

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Cyber Monday Online Sales Dip 1.4%

| Mike O'Brien

Like its holiday twin Black Friday, Cyber Monday in the U.S. saw ecommerce sales reverse course for the first time in memory, according to Adobe Digital Insights, dropping 1.4% from 2020. Consumers en masse have heeded warnings about stock-outs on digital shelves amid supply chain-fueled inventory shortages by shopping earlier.

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Holiday Spending to Rise 10% But Cyber Weekend Growth Halved: Adobe

| Mike O'Brien

Adobe Digital Insights is predicting U.S. holiday spending online will rise 10% over 2020, hitting a record $207 billion, with global spending to reach $910 billion, an 11% increase, while calling for a decreased emphasis on traditionally major days during Cyber Weekend as demand pulls forward.

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Cyber Monday Breaks Another Record at $10.8B

| Mike O'Brien

Records were made to be broken, and the all-time sales day for ecommerce was no exception. Cyber Monday hit a record $10.8B in the U.S., up 15.1% from $9.4B in 2019, making it the largest online shopping day in U.S. history, according to Adobe Analytics. Mobile commerce slipped slightly from Black Friday (37% of the total vs. 40%).

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Black Friday Hits a Record $9B Online, Stores Down 30%

| Mike O'Brien

As expected, Black Friday 2020 saw tremendous success online but was a bust in stores, as shopper behavior has been altered irrevocably by the ongoing pandemic. Adobe Analytics reported $9 billion in ecommerce sales on Black Friday, up 21.6% from $7.4 billion in 2019. Store traffic meanwhile was down 48% to 52%.

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Adobe Predicting Busy Santa: Holiday Ecommerce Sales Jumping 33%

| Mike O'Brien

In the peak holiday season like no other, Adobe is calling for a 33% increase in holiday ecommerce sales from Nov. 1 through Dec. 31, hitting a record $189 billion, equal to two years’ growth from a single year, as retailers, carriers and solution providers alike gear up for a blowout.

MCM CommerceChat podcast

The Significance of Shops for Facebook, Sellers, Ecommerce

| Mike O'Brien

What is the potential for Facebook Shops? Could it be looking beyond transactions to a WeChat scenario creating a total consumer experience? In this MCM CommerceChat podcast, Andrea Szasz, a principal analyst at Kearney, talks about Facebook’s initiative and how it fits into the bigger picture of ecommerce in the COVID-19 era.