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Coalition Asks EPA to Add Textiles to Plastic Reduction Plan

| Mike O'Brien

The American Circular Textiles Group (ACT), a coalition of apparel brands, recommerce companies and recycling solution providers, is asking the EPA to include textile waste in a draft plan to reduce plastics that was issued for review in April. ACT proposes amendments to current Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) laws to include textiles, and a deposit system like those for bottles and cans.

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Temu Countersues Shein in Ultra-Fast-Fashion Battle

| Mike O'Brien

In a battle of the Chinese ultra-fast-fashion giants, Temu has filed a lawsuit against Shein, accusing it of various nefarious practices aimed at deterring apparel manufacturers from doing business with Temu in order to thwart competition from the newer entrant to the U.S. market. Shein has accused Temu in a separate lawsuit of impersonating its brand by creating fake Twitter accounts.

Circularity and Recommerce: ACT Paving the Way

| Ian McRae

American Circular Textiles Group (ACT) is a coalition seeking to establish U.S. leadership and policy in textile waste and circularity, with a focus on the waste hierarchy. Founding members include Rent the Runway, The Real Real, thredUP and Fashionphile. ACT director and founder talks about the momentum behind circularity in apparel, and how ACT is working to influence legislators and industry leaders.

Reshaping Product Data for Cross-Border Ecommerce

| Fred de Gombert

For retailers, cross-border ecommerce is an easy, low-cost way to enter new markets. But to take advantage of this massive opportunity you need efficient product data management solutions to ensure what you sell is useful and relevant to customers worldwide. These best practices will help you increase global sales and decrease returns.