Amazon Tops Walmart in Brand Ranking

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Amazon topped Walmart with a brand value of $45.7 billion and saw its value grow by 34% while Walmart grew by 5% to $36.2 billion in a top brand ranking, according to an article on   The ranking done by BrandZ Ranking, credits Amazon’s operational swiftness for its financial success.

walmart-store-frontAccording to the article, Amazon has been making the move to in-store selling, with a push in the UK and U.S. to sell merchandise within highly trafficked convenience stores.  Walmart’s performance comes on the heels of a slowdown in the Chinese markets, a major area of focus for Walmart. 

Amazon has made great strides in being available in-store, online and through mobile devices.  Amazon is looking into its interactive future, with its iPhone scan and checkout system available at more than 200 locations in the U.S.  This will allow Amazon to meet customers through various mediums, according to the article.

The battle between Amazon and WalMart isn’t between online versus in-store but rather about being omnichannel and being accessible at every touch point and competing within all realms of the customer’s daily routine, according to the article. 

The question remains on how can brands access the potential of omnichannel power?  According to the article, do not generate as much branded material across every possible platform.  This will lead to overexposure and a decrease in brand value.  Create a consistent brand identity across platforms, where each interaction enhances the next.

Some examples include shopping at Gucci online enhances the in-store experience and browsing eBay deals on mobile enables a better experience online, according to the article.