Bloomingdales Launches New Fashion Rental Subscription Service

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Just in time for fall, Bloomingdales is launching its own fashion rental subscription service. Expected to launch in September, My List will offer customers a monthly fashion subscription for $149.

Fortune reported others joining the fashion rental market include Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People, all divisions of URBN Brands, through its Nuuly service. The service began in July by offering six-piece rental boxes of vintage-inspired women’s clothing for $88 a month.

And just this week, Nike announced its own kid-themed subscription box service called Nike Adventure Club, with $20, $30 and $50 per month plan, offering new Nike and Converse kicks and activities every 30, 60 or 90 days.

Bloomingdale’s will include more than 60 brands and over 100 exclusive pieces, according to PureWow.  Shoppers will be able to select at least 10 pieces they want to rent through the service’s dedicated website.

Once a shopper creates their list, a box containing four items will be sent within three business days, and can return items in a prepaid envelope. Clothes can be held as long as the shopper likes and swapped out as frequently as they want.

The pioneer in the fashion rental subscription service was Rent the Runway, which allowed women to rent cocktail dresses they planned to wear once. Neiman Marcus formed a partnership with the startup.

Another well-known subscription service is Stitch Fix, which began in 2011 and provides customers a curated styling experience based on their preferences. It now services men, women and children.

Other brands such as Vince, Ann Taylor and West Elm have all thrown their hats in the subscription ring, according to PureWow.

MCM Musings:  Convenience is what it’s all about these days in retail. More shoppers are gravitating away from the store to shop online, and subscription boxes are growing in popularity and multiplying like rabbits. The movement has gotten so popular that it’s earned an Onion treatment.

Subscription boxes offer curation, personalization and the anticipation of a monthly unboxing experience. Want to try new makeup and skin care products? There’s a subscription for that. Healthy dog and cat treats? They’ve got that covered, too. Subscriptions take out the hassle of endlessly searching for the right products while discovering new ones and designing the offering for each individual member.

I’m curious to see how the space will continue to evolve and grow as other retailers and ecommerce companies jump on the subscription box bandwagon. The burning question is: At what point does it jump the shark, become overcrowded and tip over?

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