How eBay Offers a Personalized Mobile Experience with AI

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eBay has launched Image Search and Find It On eBay, using machine learning and artificial intelligence to let shoppers  search for products using imagery on their mobile devices.

The searchable feature is available on 1.1 billion items.

Shoppers can take a photo of an item they wish to purchase or use an existing one from their camera and enter it into the search bar. eBay then finds listings that are a close match or visually similar.

“The rollout of our new Image Search and Find It on eBay experiences is only an entry point for what the future of image-powered shopping will look like,” said Mohan Patt, Vice President of Buyer Experience for eBay. “By creating this technology and experimenting early, we are enabling ourselves to quickly evolve and adapt our technology.”

Patt said as people continue to use eBay Image Search, it will help shoppers find what they are looking for.

“Consumer shopping habits are shifting, which is resulting in more of an emphasis on the shopping experience and personalization,” said Patt. “In order to survive, retailers need to evolve to meet the changing needs of customers.”

Patt said eBay has user-generated images and item data that it uses to power image search.

“While still early, we think we will reach a point where people can seamlessly shop their world and the entire internet on eBay no matter how hard the item we describe,” said Patt.

Patt said Image Search was designed to help people solve the challenge of spending hours scouring stores or the web for certain items. eBay applied artificial intelligence and machine learning to create new ways for consumers to find what they want, for the price they want.

Patt said has been experimenting with AI and machine learning to create a more personalized shopping experience across its 1 billion-plus unique items for sale.

He said eBay will continue to pursue a strategy that delivers highly personalized shopping experiences for customers around the world, helping them find and purchase precisely what they want, at the price they want and delivered when and how they want.

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