GoECart, Bongo International Partner on Global Ecommerce Offering

Cloud-based multichannel ecommerce solution provider GoECart has partnered with Bongo International to make global ecommerce easier and quicker for GoECart customers.

Through the partnership, Bongo’s Checkout International Business Solution has been integrated with the GoECart platform, so merchants using GoECart can handle international fulfillment in a fraction of the time normally required.

The integration enables ecommerce sites to accept international transactions from more than 220 countries without having to manage the common challenges associated with global operations. Every international order is shipped to one of Bongo’s U.S. destinations and processed for export abroad.

GoECart and Bongo have been working together for six months in beta version with joint customer Echelon Corp. The provider of supplier of control networking hardware and software has been using GoECart for ecommerce and back office functions and Bongo for international fulfillment. The joint solution is now generally available.

Manish Chowdhary, founder and CEO of GoECart, said by using Bongo, merchants “can ship to Zimbabwe as easily as to Miami.”

“Bongo takes care of the processing, the credit card fraud that can be associated with it, customs, duties, localization, settlement in local currency, and even returns,” Chowdhary said.

He said some merchants may continue to handle some cross-border fulfillment themselves, like orders being shipping to Canada, while having Bongo handle other markets. “It depends on the volume and complexity of the transactions, and the items being shipped,” Chowdhary said. “For instance, if someone is shipping things like liquids or items that can be classified as hazardous materials, it’s very hard for merchants to handle themselves in foreign markets.”

The fact that Bongo provides fully landed costs for consumers by calculating all duties and fee – so there are no surprises at pickup – enhances the overall customer experience and leads to repeat business. “Providing the landed costs, and taking on the risk of credit card risk, is a very big deal for our customers,” Chowdhary said.