Mobile Drives QVC Ecommerce Sales in Q2

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QVC saw ecommerce sales grow with the help of mobile in the second quarter. QVC is also making great strides to further expand its mobile reach both domestically and globally.

Mobile orders grew 27% in the second quarter for QVC, representing 58% of consolidated ecommerce orders.  Total ecommerce revenues increased 11% to $939 million and grew 46% of consolidated revenue in the second quarter from a year ago.

Mike George, CEO of QVC, said, in an earnings call, that QVC is investing in its digital platforms as well.  QVC launched new product detail pages in its German, U.S. and UK websites with an emphasis on mobile-first design and video capability.

QVC has launched new iOS and Android apps in Italy and France.  In the U.S. in May, it launched Beauty IQ on

“This is our first digital-only channel comprised of pre-recorded on-air presentations and engaging editorial content,” said George.  “It delivers relevant video based on shopping experience that allows customers to discover new products and brands, watch how-to videos and learn from experts.”

QVC is also continuing to build its social media success. In the first quarter, QVC began to utilize Facebook’s new live feature to deliver real-time video content.  In the second quarter, the UK began to simulcast its broadcast and in July in the U.S. QVC produced in air at a live show specifically for Facebook live.

QVC’s consolidated revenue increased 3% in the second quarter to $2.1 billion.  QVC’s international revenue increased 7% to $635 million in the second quarter. The revenue performance included the net impact of favorable exchange rate fluctuations.

“We reported solid second quarter results, with good sales growth in most markets,” said George. “Late in the quarter, we experienced a deceleration in demand in the US that has continued. As a result, our near-term perspective is more cautious. Longer term, we remain well-positioned with our highly differentiated retail model, strong customer retention, and our ability to deliver compelling experiences across immersive commerce platforms.”

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