Toys ‘R’ Us Plans New Ecommerce Site

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In an effort to compete with Amazon and its other rivals and not fall behind in the ecommerce game, Toys ‘R’ Us is working on launching a new ecommerce website.

USA Today reported that Toys ‘R’ Us is making an effort to bring its customers back and will debut the new site to a small number of users before a full rollout in early July.

The site relaunch is part of a $100 million investment by Toys ‘R’ Us over the past three years targeted at jumpstarting its ecommerce experience.

“The website really represents the front door of our brand,’’ Lance Wills, Toys R Us’ first global chief technology officer told USA Today. He also noted that more than 60% of the company’s customers visit its website before deciding to go to an actual store. “In a year to two years, we have to catch up on 10 years of innovation and that’s no small feat,’’ Wills said.

The new site will make it easier for customers to navigate and find what they want. Instead of clicking through an array of choices, they will be able to tap once on a category and be led to a fine-tuned list. The checkout process will be made easier as well, shrinking from five clicks to just two for basic purchases. Another new wrinkle is visitors to the baby registry will receive alerts to a sale or product recalls.

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