Google Launches Purchases on Google Program

Content Manager

Google has launched its Purchases on Google program, allowing merchants that sell on Google to have a call to action in the search engine results page. At the moment it’s a mobile-only feature of product listing ads (PLAs) that allows shoppers to buy on Google from participating merchants.

Inc. reported that while there hasn’t been a formal announcement about the program, the option appears as a program in Google’s Merchant Center.

Users of the site can now see a “Purchase on Google” block. It includes text that helps shoppers easily purchase on Google, driving both conversions and new customers.

Merchants participating in the program have the option to display a “Buy on Google” button on top of the product ads. At this point it’s only available on Android devices. Users with Google Wallet who click “Buy on Google”  can purchase the product from a Google-hosted landing page.

While Purchases on Google has been around since 2015, the beta program is just starting.

In a blog post, ChannelAdvisor CEO David Spitz said, “The distinction between advertising channels and transactional channels is blurring. Purchases on Google is a reflection of the evolving future of ecommerce and the important role of mobile. The goal for online retailers is to be in front of as many shoppers as possible and these transactional product ads should help them do just that.”

Spitz also said that as a feature of PLAs, purchases on Google’s pricing model will remain cost-per-click. When a shopper clicks on a PLA with “Buy on Google” text, the shopper is taken to a retailer-branded checkout page hosted by Google.