Making Omnichannel Fulfillment a Less Daunting Task


Operations Special Report

Offering customers the convenience of buy online pickup in store and ship to store, and transparently speeding up delivery to homes with ship from store, can be a daunting task. All three omnichannel fulfillment options require more than just technology: they require complex scheduling of your store teams, and training your store staff for a new skillset.

Download this report and learn:

  • Omnichannel Fulfillment Special ReportHow to justify the added expense of omnichannel fulfillment to your bottom line
  • How this fulfillment method requires sophisticated coordination between your retail commerce technology and in-store associates
  • The best suggestions for handling the in-store fulfillment process
  • How you need to set your inventory management system for in-store safety stocks
  • The importance of thorough back and forth communication with the customer by text or by email
  • And more…


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Omnichannel Fulfillment Special Report

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