Rue La La Reactivates Dormant Customers

Content Manager

Rue La La, working with its CRM vendor, embarked on a customer-segmentation project with the goal of reactivating dormant customers. The company wanted to re-engage these customers by targeting them with relevant display ads, according to a case study.

Executing the campaign required matching customer profiles between CRM and retargeting vendors, a difficult task for marketers to do across data ecosystems and make it actionable.

Vendors use proprietary terms to identify customers, making it difficult to impossible for them to communicate with one another. While Rue La La’s CRM system knew which customers should be targeted in the campaign, its challenge was how best to share the data with the retargeting partner serving up ads.

Rue La La partnered with Signal to enable its marketing team and retargeting partner to activate customer insights. Using the cloud-based Signal Fuse system, data matching across Rue La La’s CRM system and retargeting vendor occurred within milliseconds. This was a significant improvement over the standard industry practice of resetting a cookie value on the customer’s next visit to the website.

Rue La La saw a high match rate and can now update data in real time as often as it likes. By building unified customer profiles in the cloud, Signal Fuse allowed Rue La La to optimize targeting criteria in real time and focus its ad spend on individual dormant customers, rather than wasting impressions retargeting every website visitor.

Signal Fuse also created an intelligent data foundation which provided Rue La La with unlimited possibilities for exchanging information across its marketing and analytics partners.

By enabling Rue La La’s remarketing vendor to access data from its CRM system, Signal helped it achieve success in a key customer segmentation effort, achieving a 10% lift in its retargeting conversion rate vs. a control group.

Rue La La established a foundation for strategically leveraging its cross-channel data assets in real time. Changing the way data is connected and integrated across its digital ecosystem, the flash sale company was able to become more agile, flexible and precise with its targeting strategy. As a result, it took greater control of customer data, became more efficient with its media spend and reduced wasted impressions.