Amazon Delivers Another Prime Day Migraine

mckayla-maroney-not-impressed-prime-day-2016Oh, Amazon, you’ve done it again…

Just when you thought Amazon couldn’t have POSSIBLY another #PrimeDayFail, it appears Amazon’s second Prime Day took it two steps back.

So what happened? Here’s a brief rundown of known complaints to date:

The Add-to-Cart Debacle

Prime members hoping to score Lightning Deals were, in some cases, shut out. Earlier in the day, customers could not add deals to their cart.

When Amazon supposedly fixed the issue, customers who’d previously tried to add Lightning Deals to their carts, then tried to add them, were told they could not have the Lightning Deal because they’d already redeemed it.

Even at 10 p.m. EDT, complaints were still pouring in with the #PrimeDayFail hashtag, indicating the problem had not been solved.

Also, if a customer added a deal to the cart, then removed it, the deal could not be re-added.

Those tweeting also indicated that if they were able to reach a customer service representative, they were told the deals would not be extended due to these technical issues. Basically, Amazon customers were SOL.

Visa Coupon Code Ended Early

Visa ran a promotion in which customers spending $150 or more would earn $30 off if they used the coupon code VISA30.

By all accounts, there was no indications this would be a limited-time offer. So the complaints rolled in on Twitter once the Prime Day deal was apparently ended before noon EDT.

Bad Deals… Again

Now Amazon couldn’t fully control what its marketplace sellers were offering as Lightning Deals and other Prime Day specials. But, basically, customers complained on Twitter about Prime Day offers being a cornucopia of crap.

Unless, of course, you really have been waiting for that deeply discounted book “Raising Chickens For Dummies.”

The Top Tweets

Here are the top tweets that showed the anger, frustration and disappointment of Amazon Prime members:

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